• Kyrra Macdonald

The lifestyle to NVY

Hi, welcome to NVY lifestyle, more importantly to NVY lifestyle's Blog. Now that's pretty cool to say (well write) I always dreamed of writing a blog but as an teen with dyslexia never really went through or thought I could. Do you like how I drop the dyslexia card now, that way If I do make a mistake you can't really blame me! I mean you saw the D word and kept reading...

ANYWAY I'm 18, youngest out of my bother and myself, CRAZY animal lover I guess it comes with my last name, actor, model, horse rider, dyslexic, gym lover and riddled with anxiety.

With all this (especially with the anxiety) I am constantly trying to better my physical and mental health. I am willing to trying anything and I do, so you don't have to!

I love to experiment with different workout classes, untraditional medicine, vegan recipes and of course skin care! You guys should come along for the ride 💕

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