Traditional Pomade
  • Traditional Pomade

    Traditional Pomade is a throwback to the classic oil based pomades of yesteryear. It delivers a pliable medium hold that lasts all day and can be easily reworked through the day. Its complex 100% natural formula is infused with beneficial ingredients such as Argan oil, silk powder, Manuka honey and beeswax to nourish the hair while adding a medium hold with a semi-sheen finish for those traditional classic hairstyles. Made using The Bearded Chap's proprietary formula process that makes their Traditional Pomade an oil base pomade that is water soluble so it washes off your hands like a water based pomade! 


    One thing to note, because The Bearded Chap doesn't dilute their Traditional Pomade with water like other brands, the product is hard! The hardest things are always the best though! 


    Remove 1-2 scoops with your thumbnail, massage into hands to warm & activate. Distribute evenly throughout damp/dry hair. Repeat if needed & style as desired.