Sticky Masala Chai
  • Sticky Masala Chai

    “This is one of our favourite chai teas. The flavours are amazing and I love how warming it makes me feel. Perfectly sweet as it is, no need to add extra honey” – Louise, Mayde Tea customer


    Sticky, sweet and spicy, this feel-good chai is a low-sugar indulgence. A medley of black tea and spices are gently tossed through coconut nectar and brown rice syrup to infuse this blend with caramel sweetness. Vegan Sticky Chai is a low-fructose alternative to traditional sticky chai, and its spices support digestion and healthy circulation. To prepare, simmer with your preferred milk or steep in boiling water.


    Black tea / coconut nectar / brown rice syrup / cinnamon / ginger / cardamon / clove / black pepper

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