RELAX Roller Blend

RELAX Roller Blend



Diluted with Organic Jojoba oil and infused with Amethyst crystals (balancing and calming crystal), this Relax roller blend can be applied directly to the skin and may help reduce stress and anxiety by supporting the nervous system and promoting relaxation.


Each Relax roller blend is diluted with organic jojoba oil and contains 100% pure organic and wild harvested oils of:

Petitgrain: Petitgrain has a woody, citrus aroma with slight floral undertones. It is known to create a calming and relaxed mood. 

Ylang Ylang: Ylang Ylang has a rich, sweet floral aroma that has a long reputation as an aphrodisiac. Well regarded as a mood enhancer and has relaxing properties.

Clary Sage: Clary Sage has a nutty, earthy aroma and may help with mild depression, anxiety and stress. Known as a wonder essential oil for women's health issues, as it may help ease menopausal symptoms, painful periods and help to regulate cycles.

Buddha Wood: Buddha Wood has a balsamic, smoky aroma, and is great to use in meditation.

Lavender: Lavender has a soft floral aroma and is known for its ability to help with relaxation and sleep.