Our GROUNDED blend may help to manifest grounding and strengthening while creating a calming effect throughout the mind and body. Allowing the release of anxiousness, nerves and tension, while promoting the feelings of courage and capability.



    Has a light refreshing aroma. Bergamot is known for its calming and uplifting benefits.

    Buddha Wood:

    Also known as Desert Rosewood, is a uniquely Australian oil. It has a balsamic and smoky aroma widely used in personal fragrances and is used in meditation and massage blends.

    Clary Sage:

    Clary Sage has a nutty, earthy aroma and may help with mild depression, anxiety and stress. Known as a wonder essential oil for women's health issues, as it may help ease menopausal symptoms, painful periods and help to regulate cycles. Helps to free negative emotions and boost self-esteem while inducing feelings of joy and confidence.


    Lavender has a soft floral aroma and is known for its ability to help with relaxation, sleep and insect bites.


    Our organic Vetiver essential oil has a rich, earthy, grassy aroma that has a grounding effect on emotions. Promotes calmness and reduces feelings of anxiety.

    Ylang Ylang:

    Ylang Ylang has a rich, sweet floral aroma that has a long reputation as an aphrodisiac. Well regarded as a mood enhancer and has relaxing properties



    Diffuser: Add 6-10 drops to the diffuser, depending on room size and diffuser size.